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welcome to locksley production

We are a full-service, creative video agency based in Stuart, FL. We focus on using video as a force for good. We believe the stories your brand tells today shape the world of the future.


our team

We are a passionate group of creatives who will help you take your next project from script to final edit! We can work with any budget, and because we're experts in many fields - not just video production- the outcome is always perfect.

our history

We have been creating high-quality videos for companies since 2014. We want to show what the company is like, what they are about, and why people should buy into your brand or business. We also want to present the company in a way that connects with people on an emotional level. When you tell stories about the company that is personal, it helps people remember you.

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Our process

During our initial discovery call, we will work with you to identify your main media objective(s) and brainstorm on how we can get there. From in-house production to rocket launches, our team will help you determine what your video journey looks like based on your budget and strategic goals.

set clear objectives &
define success

We do our homework before we create your video. We will look at the audience to see what they want and how other companies are doing it. We want you to reach the right people on time, all the time, every time.


Once we understand your goals, target audience, and situation, we work with you to define and perfect your core messages. Then we can make them into messages. These will be the start of your story and will form the basis of what you say.


We get to know you and your company better through the story of how it all started. Together, this is where we'll craft an engaging narrative that will truly capture people's imagination!


Once we have a plan for your project, the process really starts. We talk to you about all the details of it and then work on a plan that will help us achieve success together!


Before we start to film, we prepare many things. Our producers are very organized and plan everything. They might book the talent, find the clothes and makeup for it, and make sure that the filming location has all of the things we need.


On the shoot day, it is time for fun. Our crew will see that every detail of the shoot is taken care of- from finding talent management to making sure that the set design is perfect. The "that's a wrap!" call will not come until we know that everything looks good on film.


The magic of our editing team can enhance any video. They see the end product from a pile of raw footage and know, every time, they need to add coloring or sound design in order for it to be in its best form possible. Once we feel confident that your project is ready, then you can come into one-on-one sessions with us live. There won't ever be an issue going through all the changes together before releasing your video.



​We have a small private studio dedicated to our clients. This is where we take talking head segments or product videos and photos. The space can only accommodate few clients at a time for productions.



We think the best work is done when it is seen through from start to finish. From concept to delivery, along with your help and advice: We write, produce, shoot, edit, and color grade all under one roof.

We know our industry is full of technical jargon and intangible creativity. It’s our job to bring tangible results to your business and marketing efforts while having open-book transparency along the way.

  • Sound & Audio

  • Post Production

  • Color & Finishing

  • Licensed Drone Pilots

  • Aerial Video

  • Aerial Photography

  • Idea Creation

  • Producing

  • Scripting

  • Animation

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Filming

  • Editing

Our Capabilities

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